AAMSI offers various types of miniature and standard size transmitters including analog, digital, video and telemetry in various combinations with fixed or synthesized frequency output. All the transmitters are very lightweight and compact, and tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Our transmitters include AM, FM, BPSK and QPSK modulation, and transmit from 0.1 to 20 W with a frequency range from 100 MHz to 42 GHz. The bit rate of our transmitters ranges from 4.8 Kbits/Sec to 45 Mbits/Sec.

AAMSI integrates our individual components, including, power amplifiers, antennas, waveguides, receivers, transceivers and transmitters into complete Squadron and Tactical Data-Link Systems.

AAMSI provides the best value proposition for unique customer requirement by providing fast development of non-standard configurations at very competitive prices.
  • Video Only
  • Telemetry Only
  • Video & Telemetry
  • Command
  • UAVs
  • UHF up to C-Band
  • Bit rate from 10kBps to 20MBps
  • Analog & Digital Video
  • 0.5 to 20W
  • Small
  • Lightweight

DVTM Transmitters

The Digital Video & Telemetry Microwave Transmitter product line is available in the C-, S- and L-Bands. We offer advanced Digital Microwave Transmitters for MPEG-4 Streaming Video Transmissions multiplexed with up to 1.4Mbps of Telemetry.
The DVTM Transmitters can communicate with existing and legacy third party Telemetry Receivers such as L-3com / Microdyne Telemetry Receivers. AAMSI can provide Digital Video and Telemetry Decoders with our IDEcode Product Line as complementary Digital Decoding devices to legacy third party receivers or to our receivers.
The DVTM Transmitters and the IDEcode Decoders are "Plug and Play" units, which employ Auto-Detection of the Transmit and the Receive Signals – PAL/NTSC, Sync/Async and Bit-rate Auto-Detection - thus, providing a transparent transmission solution, avoiding the need to make any preset changes or any additional
pre-programming in the existing equipment of Video Camera, Receiver and User Display Devices.
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Miniature 1W Video & Telemetry Transmitter

AAMSI offers a very small & light-weight analog or digital video/telementry transmitter, which operates in the L- or S-Band frequency range with a 1W output and bit rate of up to 20MB/sec.

Size: 29 x I00 x 20 mm or 1.1W x 3.9L x 0.8H in
Weight: 80 gr or 0.18 lbs
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Miniature 20W Video & Telemetry Transmitters

AAMSI offers very small, light-weight 20W output video/telemetry transmitter capable of UHF, L- or S-Band fixed or synthesize frequencies and bit rates up to 20MB/sec.

Size: 2.0W x 3.0L x 0.7H in
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C-Band Synthesized Video, Telemetry or Command Transmitters

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C-Band Airborne Data Terminal Transmitters

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L-Band Synthesized Video & Telemetry Transmitters

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Video & Telemetry Transmitters

Analog or digital video transmitter capable of UHF, L-Band or S-Band frequencies with an output of up to 25W and bit rates of 20MB/sec.
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UHF FM Transmitters

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Dual Power FM Transmitters

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Fixed Frequency BPSK and QPSK Transmitters

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S-Band Transmitters

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Digital Software Transmitters

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Ultra High-G Telemetry Transmitters

Miniature transmitter capable of UHF to L-Band and up to 1W output for use on artillery rounds.
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